| Egyptian Journal of Archeological and Restoration Studies

EJARS (Established 2011)

Volume 6 ,issue 2 | Summer and Autumn 2016 | Pages : 133-149


Document Type: Original Article

DOI: 10.21608/EJARS.2016.23632

pages: 133-149

Abd el-razik, M.
Islamic dept., Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo Univ., Cairo, Egypt.

This paper aims to study an important survival mosque in Aleppo from Mamluk period. The importance of this mosque relates to the surviving of its architectural units and elements, and it is considered to be a true image to the congregational mosques in the city of Aleppo during this period. The paper includes a descriptive and analytical study to the architectural units and elements of the mosque; also it sheds the light on the original units which are still surviving from the construction era including the facades, main entrance, monumental inscriptions, decorations and stalactites. The original units represents also in the minaret which characterized by a unique style in Aleppo city, also the majority of the internal parts are still surviving from the construction era. In addition to the original parts, the paper also studies the renewal works which occurred to the mosque in the same and later periods depending on the monumental inscriptions which are still surviving in the mosque, and what mentioned in the historical sources about these renewal works. The paper also sheds the light on the destruction that occurred to the mosque, especially in the minaret during the current events in the city, and this increases the importance of this paper as a documentation study to the mosque. The paper includes a number of figures and plates which are published for the first time in this study, noting that all the plates have been photographed by author.

Mosque; Foundation date; Inscriptions; Main portal; Renewal works

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