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Attention(Memorial Issue)!

EJARS will publish a special memorial issue for the late Prof. Mohamed Abdelhady, Professor of restoration for his praiseworthy efforts at developing the school of restoration in the Arab World, with Issue managers (Shaaban Abd El-Aal -- Smm00@fayoum.edu.eg), (Mohamed Abdel Wadood Abdel Azim -- Maa02@fayoum.edu.eg), (Walid Ali Mohammed Mahmoud -- walid.ali@fayoum.edu.eg) and (Hamada Sadek -- Hsr00@fayoum.edu.eg).

Founder & Editor in Chief
Prof. El-Gohary, M. A. (Egypt)

Restortion Studies Editorial Board
Prof. Abd El Hady, M. Egypt
Prof. Abdel Kareem, R. Egypt
Prof. Ali, M. Egypt
Prof. Basiul, E. Poland
Prof. Caen, J. Belgium
Prof. Calia, A. Italy
Prof. Camuffo, D. Italy
Prof. Chiantore, O. Italy
Prof. Colston, B. England
Prof. Fassina, V. Italy
Prof. Fitzner, B. Germany
prof. Gaspar p. Germany
Prof. Grassini, S. Italy
Prof. Hawas, S. Egypt
Prof. Janssens, K. Belgium
Prof. Jean-Marc, V. France
Prof. Lanos, Ph. France
Prof. Liritzis, I. Greece
Prof. Lukaszewicz, J. Poland
Prof. Moropoulou, A. Greece
Prof. Pelosi, C. Italy
Prof. Pozo-Antonio, J. Spain
Prof. Sandu, I. Romania
Prof. Sandu, I. C. A. Portugal
Prof. Steiger, M. Germany
Prof. Thomas, S. India
Prof. Torok, A. Hungary

Archaeological Studies Editorial Board
Prof. Abdel Salam, A. Egypt
Prof. Al-Anssary, A. KSA
Prof. Al Zahrani, A. KSA
Prof. Alexandrovich, V. Kazakhstan
Prof. El-Aguizy, O. Egypt
Prof. El-Kahlawy, M. Egypt
Prof. El-Nabarawi, R. Egypt
Prof. Heidemann, S.Germany
Prof. Kadous Egypt
Prof. Kafafi, Z. Jordan
Prof. Osman, M. Egypt
Prof. Quack, J. Germany
Prof. Radwan, A. Egypt
Prof. Rosato, V. Argentina
Prof. Schenkel, W. Germany
Prof. Shaheen, A. Egypt
Prof. Silim, A. Egypt

Managing Editor
Al-Emam, E.

Language Editor
Dr. Mahmoud Refat

Art Publishing Editor
Mahmoud, A.