| Egyptian Journal of Archeological and Restoration Studies

EJARS (Established 2011)

Attention (Memorial Issue)!

EJARS will publish a special memorial issue for the late Prof. Mohamed Abdelhady, Professor of restoration for his praiseworthy efforts at developing the school of restoration in the Arab World, with Issue managers (Shaaban Abd El-Aal -- Smm00@fayoum.edu.eg), (Mohamed Abdel Wadood Abdel Azim -- Maa02@fayoum.edu.eg), (Walid Ali Mohammed Mahmoud -- walid.ali@fayoum.edu.eg) and (Hamada Sadek -- Hsr00@fayoum.edu.eg).

Founder & Editor in Chief
Prof. Dr. El-Gohary, M. A. (Egypt)

Managing Editor Art Publishing Editor Language Editor

Dr. Al-Emam, E.

Dr. Mahmoud, A.

Mr. Abdelbary, H.
Ms. Abdellah, H.

Prof. Afifi, H. Egypt
Prof. Dr. Abdel Kareem, R. Metallurgy and Advanced Materials dept. Faculty of Engineering-Cairo Univ. Egypt
Prof. Dr. Ali, M. Faculty of Archaeology-Cairo Univ. - Egypt
Prof. Dr. Basiul, E. Faculty of Fine Arts - Nicolaus Copernicus Univ. Poland
Prof. Dr. Caen, J. Faculty of design Sciences - Conservation Studies Belgium
Prof. Dr. Calia, A. Italian National Research Council | CNR · IBAM Institute of Archeological and Monumental Heritage Italy
Prof. Dr. Camuffo, D. Ministero Pubblica Istruzione (Department of Education) Italy
Prof. Dr. Chiantore, O. Department of Chemistry of the University of Torino Italy
Prof. Dr. Colston, B. University of Lincoln, School of Chemistry England
Prof. Dr. Delgado Rodrigues, J. National Laboratory of Civil Engineering Portugal
Prof. Dr. De Tagle, A. Consultant. Conservation and Research of Cultural Heritage Matters Spain
Prof. Dr. Facorellis, Y. Department of Antiquities and Works of Art Conservation - University of West Attica Greece
Prof. Dr. Fassina, V. Director of the Scientific Laboratory of the Superintendence of Artistic and Historical Cultural Heritage of Veneto Region Italy
Prof. Dr. Fitzner, B. Geological Institute RWTH Aachen University Germany
Prof. Dr. Gaspar, P. Director of Conservation, Munch Museum Germany
Prof. Dr. Grassini, S. Metallurgical Engineering dept., Politecnico di Torino Italy
Prof. Dr. Hawas, S. Architectural and urban design Faculty of engineering Cairo Univ. Egypt
Prof. Dr. Ioannou, I. Department of Civil & Environmental Eng - University of Cyprus - Cyprus
Prof. Dr. Janssens, K. University of Antwerp, Department of Chemistry - Belgium
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Prof. Dr. Łukaszewicz, J. Faculty of Fine Arts - Nicolaus Copernicus Univ. Poland
Prof. Dr. Matsuda, Y. Institute for Conservation of Cultural Property Japan
Prof. Dr. Moropoulou, A. Prof. of Protection of Cultural Heritage, NATU, Greece
Prof. Dr. Petriaggi, R. Former Director of the Underwater Archaeological Operations - Consultant. In ICR, Rome - Italy
Prof. Dr. Pelosi, C. Researcher at the Department of Sciences for Cultural Heritage in the University of Tuscia - Viterbo (Italy) - Italy
Prof. Dr. Pozo-Antonio, J. Doctor of Philosophy Environmental Technology,University of Vigo - Spain
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Prof. Dr. Steiger, M. Department of Chemistry Inorganic and Applied Chemistry, University of Hamburg - Germany
Prof. Dr. Thomas, S. Pro-Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University - India
Prof. Dr. Torok, A. Department of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics - Hungary
Prof. Dr. Vallet, J-M. Research engineer and Research coordinator of CICRP - France
Prof. Dr. Abdel Salam, A. Faculty of Archaeology & Tourism Guidance, Misr Univ. for Science & Technology - Egypt
Prof. Al-Jbour, Kh. Jordan
Prof. Dr. Al-Hadad, M. Faculty of Archaeology-Cairo Univ. - Egypt
Prof. Dr. Al-Zahrany, A. Faculty of Archaeology & Torism, King Saoud Univ, KSA
Prof. Dr. Alexandrovich, N. UNESCO Centre for Rapprochements of Cultures - Kazakhstan
Prof. Dr. El-Aguizy, O. Faculty of Archaeology-Cairo Univ. Egypt
Prof. Dr. El-Kahlawy, M. Faculty of Archaeology-Cairo Univ. Egypt
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Prof. Dr. Quack, J. Institut für die Kulturen des Alten Orients Germany
Prof. Dr. Rosato, V. National Research Council, Argentina Argentina
Prof. Dr. Schenkel, W. Direktor des Ägyptologischen Institutes Germany
Prof. Dr. Shaheen, A. Faculty of Archaeology-Cairo Univ. Egypt
Prof. Dr. Silim, A. Faculty of Arts-Alexandria Univ. Egypt