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Volume 7 ,issue 1 | Winter and Spring 2017 | Pages : 39-44


Document Type: Original article

DOI: 10.21608/EJARS.2017.6827

pages: 39-44

Osman, A. 1 ; Omar, G. 2

1 Egyptology dept., Faculty of Archaeology & Tourism Guidance, Misr Univ. for Science & Technology,
6 th October City, Egypt.
2 General director, Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt.

The fragments that were found in different locations and of diverse sizes have been restored it returned once more similar to its original state of the "Dream Stela". The stela is of a rectangular form, but missing small segments on all sides, measuring about 175 cm width, 97 cm height and 14.5 cm thick. It seems that the stela was unfinished, due to the different levels and rough surface, as well as the different quality in finishing the scene of the two lions. There are some similarities with the reliefs and its accompanied inscriptions between this stela and the Sphinx dream stela. The stela is made out of fine and white limestone, found in the main magazine of Giza plateau, but came in many pieces. Two big pieces of the stela are found by Selim Hassan during his excavations in the temple of Amenhotep II nearby of the Sphinx.

stela; Fragments; Thutmosis; Giza plateau; Sun disk

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