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Volume 6 ,issue 1 | Winter and Spring 2016 | Pages : 59-63


Document Type: Original Article

DOI: 10.21608/ejars.2016.6847

pages: 59-63

Osman, A.
Egyptology dept., Faculty of Archaeology & Tourism Guidance, Misr Univ. for Sciences & Technology,
6 th October City, Egypt

This study concentrated about publishing an unfinished false door for somebody so-called Thetu (§tw). The false door has register book No. 72 in the main Magazine of the area. It was originally located in the tomb, removed away from its place to minimize the risk of the theft. The object presented a separate unit in the tomb, and could be removed easily for this reason and assured. The tomb is officially numbering G 2001 and is located on the western cemetery of Giza plateau, directly on the east side of the tomb No. G 2000. The titles of the owner of the false door are as follow: Overseer of the pyramid of Cheops city, Inspector of the wabpriest of the Great Pyramid, royal chamberlain of the great house (etc.). The false door dated with the V-VI Dynasty. The measuring: (Height: 145.5 cm, Width: 74.5 cm, Depth: 18 cm. Material: Limestone (retrieval condition: broken). Dating: V-VI Dynasty (Old Kingdom). Number in the register book: 72 Giza. Condition: Almost completely preserved; only part of the inscriptions at the top, left and right lost, as well as a little part of the lower left is missing. It decorated with 4 main columns of Hieroglyphs contain the titles of its owner, but the upper part of the false door is badly decorated. It seems unfinished object.

Thetu; *tw; Scheintür; KA-niswt; wab; Priester der Cheopspyramide; königlicher; Kammerherr des großen Hauses

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