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Volume 5 ,issue 1 | Winter and Spring 2015 | Pages : 71-77


Document Type: Original Article

DOI: 10.21608/EJARS.2015.6878

pages: 71-77

Abou Zaid, O. 1 ; El-Asfar, A. 2 ; Ezz, A. 2 ; El-Tayeb, A. 2 ; Hassan, H. 2 ; Fathi, O. 2 ; Azab, M. 2 ; Beabesh, M. 2 ; Abd el-Wahab , M. 2 ; Hassan, A. 2 ; El-Amir, H 2 ; Yousef, W 2

1 Egyptology dep. Faculty of Archaeology, Aswan Univ., Aswan, Egypt
2 Ministry of Antiquities, Luxor Upper Egypt, Egypt

Thebes (Luxor) and its necropolis were involved in the world heritage list in 1979. The NTTMP project intends to contribute to the archaeological and topographical exploration of the Theban necropolis and it's layout as a world heritage site. Enhancing the value of newly discovered tombs will attract scholars and foreign missions to work and raise funds to preserve these tombs. Many maps were drawn for the Theban necropolis until the end of the 20th century. After the demolition of the modern village of al-Qurna and its houses in 2005, no up-to-date maps were established for the site including the newly discovered tombs. The last complete mapping project for the whole necropolis was accomplished by F. Kampp in 1989.Her results were published in 1996. In addition to previous surveys such as the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts mapping project and the survey of Porter & Moss, P. Piccione conducted another survey for the site of Sheikh Abdel-Qurna in 2005.One of the main issues of NTTMP therefore is to provide a general map of the entire necropolis including known and newly discovered tombs with full documentation and a consistent numbering system.

Theban Necropolis; Theban tombs; Survey; mapping

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