| Egyptian Journal of Archeological and Restoration Studies

EJARS (Established 2011)

Volume 14 ,issue 1 | Winter and Spring 2024 | Pages : 97-103


Document Type: Original Article

DOI: 10.21608/ejars.2024.361174

pages: 97-103

Omran, W.
Tourism Guidance dept. Faculty of Tourism and Hotels- Fayoum Uni., Fayoum, Egypt

In El-Salamuni tombs of the Greaco- Roman period, the judgment court was a traditional scene, the deceased were often led by various gods, who introduced him to Osiris, or Sokar-Osiris. The article studies samples of the scenes show leading the deceased by a deity either in the court of the judgment, or in the processions, and invented the various deities who act this funerary role. Remarkably, procession-scenes of various male or female deities present offerings to Osiris or Sokar-Osiris is also a characteristic representation in these tombs. At the rear of these processions, the deceased was always following a human deity, holding his hand in order to introduce him to Osiris. The paper recognizes for the various gods who guide the deceased to the court, as well as tries to investigate and answer for the character of the usual and the unknown deity who leads him in these unpublished processions’ scenes.

Akhmim El-Salamuni Greaco- Roman The Burial The Court, Osiris

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