| Egyptian Journal of Archeological and Restoration Studies

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Volume 13 ,issue 2 | Summer and Autumn 2023 | Pages : 321-329


Document Type: Original Article

DOI: 10.21608/ejars.2023.330915

pages: 321-329

Ebrahim, I.
Egyptology dept., Faculty of archeology, Aswan Univ., Aswan, Egypt

The god Ninurta's role as a warrior was related to a very powerful weapon called Šárur, with mythical powers, not just like any other weapon, but even like gods, it could think, communicate, and even convince gods like Enlil and Ninurta. It had the ability to flay, ex-plore, seek help if necessary, make decisions, protect cities, and destroy enemies. Šárur was a loyal companion to Ninurta, aiding him in battles and offering advice. It was a powerful symbol of Ninurta's strength and authority. In this study, we examine the lit-erary, religious, and linguistic sources of this weapon. Our aim is to shed light on this mythical weapon.

Ninurta Divine Creation Legendry

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